Brig. Gen. Kenneth L. Ross Speaks at Veteran’s Day Program

Brig. Gen. Kenneth L. Ross spoke at North Oaks Health System’s Veterans Day observance on Monday. He discussed the importance of veteran resources and how volunteers can give back to those who protected the nation.

“Not all veterans are as fortunate as me, and they need our help,” Ross said. “Not all veterans have the economic advantages they need, but there are local resources for those in need.”

He also spoke on the history and meaning of Veterans Day and said the ultimate way to bring honor to the holiday is to get involved and give back to those who protected the nation.

“Those wanting to volunteer may want to try the Southeast Veterans Clinic, and there is a veterans’ home in Reserve,” Ross said. “If the least you can do is just go visit, it goes a long way. They always love visitors, and these guys love to talk. Many of the World War II vets used to not want to talk about their days of service, but many are beginning to talk about it now that they are older.

A long-time Hammond resident, Ross gave enthusiastic praise to the Hammond Recreational Department for being one of the “most robust” public departments that have gotten involved with caring for veterans. Ross cited the department’s free veterans breakfast every month and noted the department’s free Thanksgiving dinner coming up this Thursday.

A Texas native, Ross is a founding member of Seale & Ross, P.L.C., a former fighter pilot flying the F-100, F0-4 and F-15 Eagle aircraft, and former Brigadier General of the Louisiana Air National Guard. He continues to serve as national treasurer of the National Guard Association and oversees the organization’s assets which exceed $100 million in value.