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Seale & Ross' family law attorneys can provide you sound legal advice including pre-planning for an upcoming marriage by ensuring that you are advised of Louisiana law before you say, “I do!” Our attorneys advise you about, then draft and file prenuptial agreements, declarations of paraphernality. We provide exemplary legal advice on how to maintain any separate assets you have prior to your nuptials or even how to handle separate debts of your soon-to-be spouse before you are married.


If you find yourself at a crossroads in your marriage and believe it is time to move on with your life in a different direction, Seale & Ross takes a holistic approach to guiding you through that difficult time. We know that divorce is one of the hardest things a person can go through. Our attorneys provide excellent legal services while being understanding and compassionate to the circumstances of our clients. Every case and every person is unique. We will guide you through that time in your life from the filing of the Petition to the Judgment of Divorce and all ancillary matters in between.

Ancillary Matters

Seale & Ross can assist you with any paternity matters that you are faced with. This includes filing the appropriate matters for a determination of paternity. This crucial determination of whether you are the biological parent of a child comes with many responsibilities. Seale & Ross' family law attorneys can assist you with any child support matters and custody matters as well. Our attorneys will fight for you when necessary to ensure you have your day in court and a determination is made in the best interest of your child. In addition to child support, spousal support may also be an issue in your case. Our attorneys can advise you what outcomes to expect and will prepare you for trial on all issues including support.

Seale & Ross will also assist you in property partitions. We will provide you with an understanding of the law in Louisiana regarding marital property. We will explain to you the classifications of your property and ensure that you are advised of what you are owed or what you may owe in a property partition trial.

Seale & Ross is committed to guiding our domestic law clients through the course of this stressful time. We are committed to ensuring our clients understand the process and knowing that they have a zealous advocate on their side.

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