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Seale & Ross has represented State and local government agencies, boards, and commissions for four decades.
Government Law

General Public Law

Seale & Ross advises governmental clients on general areas of public law including constitutional questions; public records administration; open meetings; due process for employees and citizens; public and media relations; economic development; legislative policy formulation; and drafting statutes, ordinances, and internal policies. Seale & Ross has served some agencies as general counsel.


Seale & Ross has wide-ranging experience defending claims against public entities and public employees facing claims of wrongdoing that fall under a variety of constitutional and statutory provisions. The lawyers at Seale & Ross are adept at addressing the needs of the client while facilitating smooth relations with insurers, adjusters, and risk managers. Seale & Ross also prosecutes claims on behalf of governmental agencies. Claims handled by Seale & Ross in state and federal courts include:

  • Constitutional claims by employees and citizens
  • Employment discrimination claims under state and federal law
  • Whistleblower claims
  • Eminent domain and takings cases
  • Environmental enforcement
  • General tort claims
  • Claims against law enforcement and correctional agencies
  • Claims by students, faculty, and staff against public universities
  • Disputes between governmental bodies and developers or landowners
  • Intergovernmental disputes
  • Local code enforcement
  • Legislative privilege
  • Judicial immunity

The firm has also represented state government and all levels of local government, including parishes, municipalities, special service districts, boards, and commissions.

Seale & Ross has represented public officials including state executive branch officials; legislators; judges; sheriffs; parish presidents, mayors, and members of school boards, drainage boards, airport boards, city councils, and parish councils.

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