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We protect our clients’ real estate property rights in their acquisition, financing, construction, use and development of real estate.   We aid landowners in contracts about the property use, such as through lease, land use restrictions, tax sale issues,  and family land division.

And when disputes arise along way in all these matters, we litigate in court to protect our client’s rights.

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Acquisition and Development

During the initial stage of acquisition, we give extensive attention to the title and our clients’ intended use of the target real estate to determine early on any issues which may adversely affect our client’s plans.  Such work includes examination and determination of issues including ownership, title, wetlands, environmental issues, subdivision, survey, zoning, construction, driveways, title insurance, utility and road access, and flood matters.  We prepare documents to complete the acquisition of real estate, including sales, purchase agreements, deeds, property use agreements, mortgages, ownership agreements, donations, quitclaims, bonds for deed, resolutions, and powers of attorney.  We design and implement transfers of real estate holdings to the next business or family generation by use of holding companies, limited liability companies, trusts, wills, 1031 exchanges, and inter-company transfers. After acquisition, we assist in construction of improvements, obtaining zoning and planning approval, and lien avoidance.

Seale & Ross has extensive experience in a full range of commercial real estate matters.  Our services include representing individuals and businesses in the purchase and sale of real estate properties, as well as developers in the negotiation, acquisition and subdivision of property. We also represent lenders and borrowers in real estate secured loan transactions.

Use of Land

We leverage our over 45 years of experience in the following areas to benefit our clients:   financing, leases, land division, condominium and homeowners association documents, environmental, wetland,  flood issues, tax sale, landlocked property, easements, subdivision, servitudes, solar leases, and expropriations.

Real Estate Litigation

Our attorneys are also experienced in litigation in the real estate arena.  We have represented real estate owners, buyers, sellers, lessors, lenders, homeowners and condominium associations and developers in litigation involving contract disputes, mechanics liens and construction disputes, title disputes, loan service and foreclosure issues, and bankruptcy.

When negotiation fails, we resolve issues involving all of these areas in court. Past lawsuits have worked to resolve boundary disputes, neighbor disagreements, spite strips, right to cross neighbor’s property, lease rights, damage to property, construction defects, foreclosure, drainage disputes, and trespass.   We further protect our clients’ real estate interests as co- owners and creditors in bankruptcy court.

Litigation to clear clouds on titles have also enabled our clients to sell and mortgage their real estate holdings.

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