Flood Damage — Tips and Helpful Information

Homeowners in south Louisiana experienced catastrophic flooding for the second time this year. While many flooded, not all face the same road to recovery. Flood victims range from those who have flood insurance to those who do not and those who rent, including business owners experiencing an interruption in business. Some have lost everything, while others lost very little.

At the outset of any claim, whether through a private insurance company or government program (think FEMA), proper documentation and organization of the damages sustained are important. To prepare for the claims process, whether through a private insurer or government program, take date-stamped pictures of everything in its current condition and document all damages. Do not begin the clean-up process until all damages have been photographed (date-stamped) and documented. It is also advisable to salvage anything that can be saved. Individuals covered by a policy of flood insurance or business interruption insurance should contact their insurer immediately with notice of the loss. Another tip — if you are making a claim for property damage to a structure or dwelling through a government program like FEMA, you will have to show that you are the owner of the property. This would not apply if you are a renter.

Besides damage to a home or business, some have lost vehicles in the flood. Most insurance policies that include “comprehensive” coverage will cover flood loss to a vehicle. But not all policies are the same, so a careful review of your vehicle insurance is needed. If you have coverage, contact your insurer immediately to report the loss.

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